We Do.


Welcome to OuiDoux! We're Brian and Maya Smith, high school sweethearts, married artists, and parents of five amazing boys. We're what you get when you pair a hairdresser/branding expert/interior designer with a photographer/visual artist/digital brand strategist.

The name, OuiDoux is not only a spinoff of our beauty line & salon brand, The Doux™, but an answer to a common question. Not a day goes by without someone asking who does our branding, photography, or home design. Our answer is always the same: "We do!"

OuiDoux was launched to explore the life & style of the creative couple. We're here to share our process and expose our following to the design, music, and travel experiences that shape our points of view as visual artists. We not only want to tell our story, but connect with other creative duos who can relate, both with the struggle and the triumph of imaginative, authentic, living.

As we grow, we hope you'll follow. Be enlightened. Be inspired. This is Oui Doux.