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The land of "Freelancia" has its perks. Travel is one of them. These days, we're pretty grateful to get away long enough to partake in the occasional excursion. When work takes us away from home, we take advantage of the opportunity reflect, relax, and hit the "refresh" button on creative living. We hopped on a plane recently for an overnight stay in Minneapolis for an important meeting. We usually arrive a day or so early to walk around town, eat, and photograph any cool things we happen to encounter along the way.

#Walltraveled: Our hotel was directly next door to a massive mural of Bob Dylan. This thing was definitely one of the highlights.

Awesome weather. Sixty degrees is a record high this time of year.

The streets have quite a few colorful art installations. This wall was covered in fabric ties, giving it a cool "rubber band" effect. Hoo-ray! What a backdrop.

Sweater - ASOS / Jeans - Fashion Nova / Boots - ZARA (years ago) / Crossbodychain clutch - (years ago) boutique in Germany.


The coolest thing about downtown Minneapolis is the system of above-gound "tunnels", called skyways, that connect the major buildings on each block. Each "tunnel" connects the second floor of one building to another, and is lined with retail stores, restaurants, and everything that one would find on the city streets. The skyways allow pedestrians to travel practically anywhere on foot without going outside to face the city's brutal winter temperatures and snowfall. Brilliant. We walked around outside for hours before we realized that the action was actually inside. Go figure.


The hotel? Embassy Suites Downtown. Reasonably priced, excellent service, and upscale business-class amenities. For a couple of Euro-hotel snobs, we were pretty impressed.

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What Oui Wore : ASOS

What Oui Wore : ASOS